ABF 1914 - 1918

In November 1914, the ABF archives record that a member of the Council resigned to serve as a Captain in the Army.

The archives also record a wife asking for aid as her husband had "gone to the Front". A number of beneficiaries enlisted and one of these men asked for aid to be continued to his wife - it was. In 1915 the ABF opened a War Emergency Fund. It is heartening to know that the ABF was able to continue to disburse grants throughout this terrible time of conflict. 

On 4th August 2014 "A Solemn Commemoration on the Centenary of the Outbreak of the First World War" was held in Westminster Abbey. Our President, Dame Penelope, took part and read a poem by Rose Macaulay in Poets' Corner, candle in hand. The Abbey was moving from light to dark until only the candle on the Grave of the Unknown Warrior remained which was then extinguished at the exact time war broke out - 11 p.m. 

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