2021 Emergency Grant

This grant programme is open to applications from professional actors, actresses and stage managers experiencing financial hardship owing to the coronavirus pandemic. Please read our FAQ’s before applying.

Please complete all sections of this form.

This application form will collect information that will help the ABF decide if we can offer you any support.

Please note:

  • Owing to the volume of applications we receive we are unable to offer any feedback on individual applications;
  • We may close this funding programme temporarily, or permanently, at any time;
  • You can only apply to this Fund once every three months – repeated or multiple applications within a three month timeframe will be declined automatically.

If you have any questions or need help, please email office@abf.org.uk, or ring 020 7836 6378.

1.Are you a professional actor, actress or stage manager?

2.Is your current monthly income greater than your current monthly expenditure?

3.Are you in receipt of any of the following benefits?
- Universal Credit
- Housing Benefit
- Employment/Support Allowance
- Job Seekers Allowance
- Working Tax Credits
- Child Tax Credits
- Pension Credit

Or, any other means-tested benefit?

3a.Are you living and working in the UK on a visa?

4a.What are your first and last names?

4b.Do you have a different stage/professional name? If yes, enter it.

5.Do you have a Spotlight CV?

5a.Please give us the link to your spotlight CV. Please check the link carefully as we won’t process an application without it. Do not enter a link to a CV from another provider, such as IMDB.

5b.OPTION 1:

- or -

   OPTION 2:

Upload your CV

6.What is your date of birth?

7.What is your address?

8.What is your email address?

9.What is your phone number?

10.Please tell us who you live with, and if you live as a couple with a partner. We need you to tell us about your partner's occupation and income, and, tell us if you have any children.

11.How much do you spend, per month?

Council Tax
Home Insurance
Life Insurance
TV, phone and internet
Unsecured debts, e.g. Loans and credit cards
Other costs

12.How much is your income, per month?

Furlough pay or Government Job Support Scheme
Benefits income

13.Please upload bank statements and other documents showing details of the payments listed in your monthly expenditure.

* You MUST a full bank statement from a bank account into which your salary/benefits are paid. Screenshots from online banking or mobile apps will not be accepted. Your full bank statement must show your name, address and bank account number.

* You MUST submit a screenshot from your Universal Credit journal showing how your monthly payment was calculated, or, any statements relating to other means-tested benefits that you receive.

Please note:

* If you live in a shared property and do not pay bills (e.g. utility bills) from your bank account you should upload the original bill to demonstrate the monthly cost

* Bank statements dated within the last two months

* We will not accept applications where no bank statements are submitted, or the statements or documents submitted do not show the payments you have listed in the ‘Expenditure’ section of this application form

* We only accept the following file formats: doc, txt, jpg, png and pdf.

Upload 1 Upload 2 Upload 3 Upload 4 Upload 5

Please provide your bank details (we'll use these details to pay any grant that is awarded to you).

14a.How does your name appear on your bank account?

14b.What is your bank sort code and account number?

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The Actors’ Benevolent Fund has two funding programmes open to applications from actors, actresses and stage managers experiencing hardship. Please apply to the programme most relevant to your circumstances: