The ABF has two grant programmes that support professional actors, actresses and stage managers.


FAQs about the ABF 2022 Emergency Grant:


What is the ABF 2022 Emergency Grant?

The ABF is considering awarding one-off grants to professional actors, actresses and stage managers who are experiencing financial hardship owing to coronavirus.


The online form tells me that I am ineligible, why is this?

The ABF is having to take difficult decisions about who to help with this grant programme. You are not eligible if:

- Your income exceeds your expenditure;
- You are not in receipt of the benefits you are entitled to, or you do not have an appropriate visa*;
- You have a high level of savings (over £5,000);
- You have not uploaded supporting evidence that clearly demonstrates your income (e.g. benefits) or expenditure (e.g. rent/mortgage);
- We have not been able to verify your career, or, acting or stage management is not your primary occupation.


*Non-UK nationals are eligible if living and working in the UK using a residence permit visa.


Can you give me feedback about the outcome of my application?

Owing to the number of applications being received, the ABF is unable to offer individual feedback to applicants. There is, unfortunately, no guarantee that applications will be successful even if all eligibility criteria are met. 


How long will it take to get a decision on my application?

The ABF aims to review all applications within two weeks of submission. If you are awarded a grant, it will be paid into your bank account within seven days of our notification.


I have been given a grant. Can I re-apply if I need more help?

Individuals can apply to this grant programme once every three months, whether their application was successful or not. If someone applies before three months have passed since a previous application, the application will not be considered.



If you have any questions about our ABF 2022 Emergency Grant please email office@abf.org.uk or call us on 020 7836 6378.



FAQs about our support for those who are unwell, injured, or unable to work because of their age: 

What can the ABF help with?

The ABF can help you manage your household expenses until you get back on your feet. We may be able to support you with a weekly payment as well as small grants for household bills, such as utilities, home insurance, and car insurance. We may also be able to help with larger, one-off payments, such as disability aids or kitchen appliances. We can also offer advice on which benefits you may be eligible for, to ensure you are receiving all the support you are entitled to. Please be aware that the support we offer is on a case-by-case basis; we'll keep in contact with you to make sure that what we offer you is suitable for your circumstances.

Can the ABF help students?

We do not support students. As we support professional actors and stage managers, only those with substantial acting credits on their CV are eligible to apply.

Can the ABF help me with my care home fees?

If you'd like us to consider helping with your care home fees, please contact us to discuss how we might be able to support you.

Do I have to apply online?

You can apply via the online form here; however if you're unable to do so, you can either download the form and send it to us, or contact us to request a hard copy.

When will my application be considered?

Applications are considered by the trustees of the ABF at monthly meetings. We'll contact you to talk about the next steps within one working day of receiving your application.

What happens if I need emergency help?

If you have an emergency please call 020 7836 6378, or email office@abf.org.uk for advice. 

Is my application confidential?

Yes - all applications are confidential. We are able to approach other theatrical charities on your behalf, but will only do so with your permission.

Do I need to send in any other information?

As part of your application, we ask you to send us: a completed application form; bank statements covering at least the last two months; and a recent letter from your doctor or medical professional. The bank statements should be from your main account, from which you pay your bills/rent/mortgage. If you don't have a Spotlight PIN, please send in a copy of your CV. We only need a medical letter if you are applying due to injury or illness; if you are applying due to old age, there is no need to include this. If your doctor or healthcare provider charges for the letter, we can reimburse you any reasonable fee. Please send in a copy of the receipt and details of how to pay you. We will reimburse you for this cost whether or not your application is successful.

For more information, please contact the office:

6 Adam Street
London WC2N 6AD

020 7836 6378


Office Hours   Mon - Fri: 9 - 5pm

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The Actors’ Benevolent Fund has two funding programmes open to applications from actors, actresses and stage managers experiencing hardship. Please apply to the programme most relevant to your circumstances: