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I am a professional actor or stage manager and I wish to apply for membership of the Actors’ Benevolent Fund and, if elected, agree to comply with such rules and bye-laws of the Actors’ Benevolent Fund as may from time to time be in force. I understand that there is a minimum £20 annual membership fee.

Please check that you completed all sections of this form.
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Personal details

Membership of the Actors’ Benevolent Fund is not dependent on an applicant’s existing Equity membership; this information is useful for us to process your application.


New applications must be endorsed by two existing members of the Actors’ Benevolent Fund

One as the ‘proposer’ and another as the ‘seconder’. Please provide details of the members endorsing your application:

If you do not know any members of the Fund please leave this section blank and we will contact you about your application.

Annual Membership Fee

If your application for membership is successful, a minimum payment of £20 will be due at the start of each year of your membership.

You can send us a cheque, payable to the Actors’ Benevolent Fund, along with this application, make payment by credit/debit card, or set up a standing order with your bank:

the CVV code is the last three digits on the card’s signature strip

Standing Order/Direct Debit:

If you would like to set up a standing order or direct debit with your bank to pay your annual membership fee please contact us and we can provide you with the relevant details.

Gift Aid

The Actors’ Benevolent Fund is a registered charity and can reclaim 25% of your annual membership fee from HMRC if you are a UK taxpayer, through the Gift Aid scheme.

Please enter your details below if you would like us to claim Gift Aid on this, and any future membership fees you pay to us.

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If you'd like to apply for support due to injury, illness, or old age, please apply here.